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Where It All Started      

Before our daughter ever encountered problems with reading we were encouraged to engage in meaningful conversation and read to her twenty minutes per day. 

We soon realized those measures were not enough to assure her continued success in reading.  We then turned to teachers and medical professionals for direction.   We were unaware that it was not realistic to assume that all teachers and/or pediatricians had received specific instruction in the diagnosis and/or appropriate interventions for various learning disabilities. We relied on well-intentioned albeit misinformed professionals. 

It took us until 3rd grade to learn our daughter has developmental dyslexia.  Armed with an appropriate diagnosis, a new large world of information now opened to us.   We now found the amount of information available to be exhaustive.  There were specialists in a variety of disciplines ready to help as long as we had the resources to pay.  We needed to find what would work for our child.  We needed to find that proverbial needle in a haystack; and, we needed to find it now.


How Can We Help You?    

Our journey was not in vain.  It is our hope that as a result we will be able to shorten the learning curve for others.  We want to enable parents to be able to help their children now.  Above are five valuable links to credible information regarding dyslexia that can serve as your toolbox to empower your child with the right tools to meet their specific needs.


Here’s our story:



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